Private Equity Grant Program for U.S. Veteran Entrepreneurship

The Veteran Franchise Initiative (VFI) is grant program created to provide Veterans with $25,000 equity funding grants to help them secure business financing through the Small Business Administration or other lending institutions for the purchase of a franchised business opportunity.

This program is the first private initiative of its kind, and provides a direct opportunity to help fund Veteran entrepreneurship, creating a path to success, stability and dignity through entrepreneurship.

Our Goal

To raise a minimum of $1.5 million dollars per year and fund at least 40 Veterans annually. The more we raise, the more grants we issue.


VFI raises funds through donations from companies, groups and individuals as well as a series of special franchise business expositions held annually throughout the United States.

Equity grants in the amount of $25,000 are issued to qualified Veterans and their prospective franchisor, enabling them to secure business loans for the launch of their own business.

Who We Are

  1. We are a Private Benefit Corporation established to help Veterans.
  2. We are independent business owners.
  3. We raise money to support Veteran entrepreneurship.
  4. We create opportunities.
  5. We provide a path to success, stability and dignity through entrepreneurship.


Over the next five years more than 1,000,000 veterans (an average of 200,000 veterans a year) will be returning home to a slow economy with very few employment prospects.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 11.7 percent of veterans are currently unemployed in the US, compared to 9.1 percent for the overall population.

We believe entrepreneurship is a win-win for both Veterans and the economy.  Although the government through the SBA has defined loan programs such as the Patriot Express Loan Program they are still unable to secure business financing to start a small business despite the specific qualities that make great franchisees such as discipline, initiative, team work, and leadership.

We are in the business of providing solutions, and believe qualified Veterans who have already sacrificed so much for our Country should be given the opportunity to succeed in business.  Therefore, we created the VFI grant program to provide a financial foundation for them to build upon.  We can show them the door, but they have to walk through it.  A $25,000 grant from VFI will enable each qualified Veteran to secure financing for a small franchised business opportunity.  The rest is up to him/her.

Veterans in Business

We hope you’ll join us in creating at least 40 new Veteran entrepreneurs every year, and will enjoy tracking their success as we continue to report on their progress.